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Dr. Subasicz Éva

Dear Visitor! I’m Dr. Éva Subasicz I was born on 28 December, 1968. I graduated at Faculty of Law of ELTE (University of Lóránd Eötvös, Budapest) in 1994 at full-time courses with „cum laude” qualification.

Dr. Subasicz ÉvaPrior to law degree I studied as a full-time student at Faculty of Administrative Organizer in College of Public Administration where I got honors degree. As an articled clerk I acquired professional experience at individual and partnership law offices in the field of civil-and criminal law.

In 1997 I passed the bar exam with „very good” qualification and then I opened my law office and began my legal practice. During my legal career I had the opportunity to act on behalf of women for the protection of their rights in concrete cases and in legal-and non-litigious proceedings, to intercede professional experiences towards legislators and law enforcers, at the Institute of Constitute and Legal Politics on the priority field of human rights during which I participated in several national and international conferences and I gave lectures and published professional materials.

I also have the opportunity to appear for the defense in criminal cases as defender upon the request of Hungarian Helsinki Committee to obtain criminal practice.

During my career I obtained the most experience and improved, developed my professional knowledge mainly on the field of family law. From 2005 I was authorized to represent the central government budgetary organs (ministry, and museum) on the field of labor and civil law and I occasionally provided their out-of-court proceedings counsel and supplied continuously legal counseling and acted as a legal consultant.

I was the visiting lecturer of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church at Faculty of Law. From 2006 I am the elected officer, cameralist secretary of the Chamber of Advocates of Budapest.

As a lawyer I consider it as my task to support the work of social organizations, I follow with attention the activity of more foundations and associations, presently I’m the member of the Association of Hungarian Lawyeress and Association of Women in Profession.

Beside my profession I bring up two children. I consider the development of my professional knowledge important during my profession.

The Chamber of Advocates of Budapest granted me the Eötvös Károly award due to my outstanding legal activity in November, 2007.

Dr. Péter Fazekas articled clerk

Dr. Fazekas PéterDr. Péter Fazekas was graduated in Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church at Faculty of Law with „cum laude” classification. The topic of his coursework was The present regulation environment of registered partnership, his final thesis was on Divorce action from the aspect of facts. Following the graduation he began to work in my office. He considers the continuous development of his legal knowledge important.

Currently he is the student of labour law specialist training course at University of Pécs Faculty of Law.

His German language knowledge is fluent, during his university studies he spent one semester at Universität Wien – Faculty of Law.

Field of specialty

Family Law

Representation in legal actions, non-litigious proceedings and out-of-court settlements relating to marriage, registered partnership, community property law, custody, child support. Preparation and endorsement of community property law contract, termination of community property law contract, agreements.

Civil Law

Cases relating to real estates (e.g.: Purchase agreement, cases on condominium, protection of possession), enforcement of claims against debtors; preparation of will; cases on damage; cases relating to insurance, preparation of other contracts (e.g.: gift, loan, maintenance agreement, contract of inheritance, etc.)

Company Law

Incorporation, amendment of the company, legal representation of companies, representation in winding up procedures, bankruptcy and dissolution procedures, enforcement of creditor’s claim, and representation before authorities (e.g.: APEH)

Criminal Law

Appear for the defense at criminal-and misdemeanor proceedings, representation of injured the party.

Labor Law

Legal counseling relating to employment- and civil service legal relationship, legal representation in labor disputes, litigious-and non-litigious proceedings.
Preparation and opinionating of contracts and other legal documents. Legal counseling relating to the termination of legal relationship, edition of documents and legal representation, initiating an action as circumstances may require.


Case under dispute relating to the violation of personal rights, legal representation in administrative proceedings.

The above mentioned list is not exhaustive.



The attorney’s fee for professional service is specific without exception; it is subject of free agreement depending on the complication of the case, on the amount of work to be done, and on relating responsibility.

The determination of attorney’s fee may be defined in hourly wage or in fixed costs.

The attorney’s fee does not include the expenses and fees relating to the performance of the commission (such as duties, fee of the copy of land register, fee of authentic certificate of incorporation, etc.)


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